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Dear Friends,

Ensuring our elections are fair is a top priority of mine. That’s why as Chair of the Senate Communications and Technology Committee, I introduced legislation to prohibit AI interference in our elections. While AI has numerous benefits, we need to make sure artificially generated content doesn’t negatively influence our elections. I am hopeful the Senate will take up this and other critical AI measures this spring, including legislation to protect our children.


In this Update:

  • Bipartisan Measure Prohibiting AI Interference in Elections Introduced in the Senate
  • Community Shred Event: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
  • National Safe Boating Week
  • Free License Plate Replacement Event
  • Upper Perk YMCA Tour
  • Red Hill Volunteer Fire Company Visit
  • The Open Link Tour
  • Senate Approves Bill to Boost PA Youth Hunting and Fishing
  • Stopping Mobile Device Carriers from Misleading Consumers
  • Free Hotline to Support New Parents
  • Early Detection of Breast Cancer Saves Lives

Bipartisan Measure Prohibiting AI Interference in Elections Introduced in the Senate

Sen. Jimmy Dillon (D-5), Sen. Chris Gebhard (R-48), Sen. John Kane (D-9) and I recently introduced legislation prohibiting the use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to fraudulently misrepresent an election candidate in Pennsylvania. As Chair of the Communications and Technology Committee, I believe it is imperative we take steps now to protect our elections.

GenAI combines machine-learning algorithms with human-generated content to produce realistic images, videos, audio, and written content.

Under Senate Bill 1217, the dissemination of a campaign advertisement containing an artificially generated impersonation of a candidate would be prohibited if done without consent and with the intent to unduly influence the outcome of the election.

While this technology has the potential to make content creation more efficient, it also has the power to spread disinformation at an unprecedented rate through deceptively realistic content.

It’s critical that we take steps to prevent such blatant election interference and allow voters to make informed decisions when casting ballots.

Full release here.

Community Shred Event: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

In today’s digital age, protecting your personal information is more important than ever. Identity theft is a serious crime that can wreak havoc on finances and credit. To help residents safeguard their sensitive information, I am hosting a Free Drive Through Shredding Event on June 8, 2024 from 9 A.M to 12 P.M. at the Boyertown Area Multi-Service (200 Spring St., Boyertown, PA 19512).

Identity theft is a growing concern, and properly disposing of documents containing personal information is a crucial step in protecting yourself. This free event provides a safe and secure way for residents to shred old documents and minimize the risk of fraud.

What You Can Shred:
Bank statements
Credit card statements
Medical records
Tax documents
Pay stubs
Pre-approved credit card offers

What We Cannot Shred:
Bound books

As the Senate Communications and Technology Chair, I am committed to helping our community stay safe and secure. By working together, we can fight identity theft and protect our personal information. Preston’s Pantry volunteers will also be on hand to collect food donations. For more information, please see the event flyer.

National Safe Boating Week

Boat safe this summer! Join me in celebrating National Safe Boating Week May 18-24 by following some easy steps before each adventure on the water.

Free License Plate Replacement Event

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to my recent Free License Plate Replacement event! It was great meeting so many of you. With the awesome help of the Topton Borough Police Department and my staff, we got over 30 applications processed!

Upper Perk YMCA Tour

Had a fantastic tour of the Upper Perk YMCA! The Y is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits, making a huge difference in our community. They focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, impacting over 180,000 members and 240,000 people annually across Greater Philadelphia – regardless of background.

The dedication of the Y’s volunteers, staff, members, and donors is truly inspiring. It’s clear they’re all united in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone. Big thanks to Executive Director Rob Carpenter for the great tour!

Red Hill Volunteer Fire Company Visit

I recently met with the Red Hill Volunteer Fire Company about volunteer recruitment. Pennsylvania relies on dedicated volunteers to keep our communities safe. In Harrisburg, we’re committed to building a sustainable future for volunteer fire services in Pennsylvania, focusing on long-term recruitment.

The Open Link Tour

I recently visited The Open Link in Pennsburg, a valuable resource for the Upper Perkiomen Valley. Their multi-service approach provides educational and empowering programs that promote healthy living and community engagement for all ages. It was insightful to learn more about their work. A big thank you to Executive Director, Marianne Lynch for the tour.

Senate Approves Bill to Boost PA Youth Hunting and Fishing

The Senate unanimously approved legislation to create a new license plate for Pennsylvania sportsmen with proceeds used to fund youth hunting and fishing education. 

The Pennsylvania Sportsman registration plate would celebrate those who hunt and fish. Under Senate Bill 916, the plate would be designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in consultation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

The Pennsylvania Sportsman plate would cost $40 plus the registration fee, of which $14 would be deposited into a Youth Hunting and Fishing Restricted Account to be allocated equally to the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for the purpose of promoting youth hunting and fishing activities.

Stopping Major Mobile Device Carriers from Misleading Consumers

Pennsylvania reached a $10.25 million settlement with several major mobile device service carriers regarding deceptive advertising practices, including supposed “unlimited” data plans and “free” phones.

The settlement with AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Cricket and T-Mobile requires the carriers to disclose all attached fees and agreements, train customer service staff accordingly, and be truthful in future advertising.

The terms of the settlements address misrepresentations in advertisements concerning “unlimited” data advertisements, “free” phone offers, monetary incentives to switch wireless networks and wireless carrier plan comparisons. They will be able to claim that a consumer will save money by purchasing its products or services only when it’s reasonable based on comparisons with the prices of comparable goods and services of other providers.

Free Hotline to Support New Parents

While we celebrated mothers last week, they need our support more than simply on Mother’s Day – particularly when they recently had a baby and are much more prone to feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline is free, confidential and available 24/7. Trained counselors can listen to what callers and texters are going through, connect them with local support groups and organizations, and refer them to other health care professionals if they need more care.

Call or text 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262). Partners and other family members may also use the hotline as pregnancy and the birth of a baby can affect the whole family.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Saves Lives

When diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer is higher than 90%. Of course, a missed mammogram could mean the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer.

If you are high risk, don’t let the cost of screening deter you. Through Act 1 of 2023, Senate Republicans eliminated costs for breast MRIs, breast ultrasounds, and BRCA-related genetic testing and counseling.

Women aged 40 and above who regularly get mammograms are in the best position to fight breast cancer. Remember, early detection saves lives.


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