Senators Unveil Bills to Promote Economic Growth, Attract New Employers

Steps taken to expand economic opportunity for Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG – To make Pennsylvania more economically competitive and ensure it is an attractive place to live and work, Sens. Ryan Aument (R-36), Tracy Pennycuick (R-24), Greg Rothman (R-34) and Judy Ward (R-30) unveiled a pro-growth tax reform package of bills.

The package of bills will:

  1. Accelerate the Corporate Net Income (CNI) tax reduction so it is more in line with a bill Aument sponsored in 2022,
  2. Increase the Net Operating Loss (NOL) carryover limitation, and
  3. Allow small employers to use the NOL deduction.

Sponsored by Aument and Rothman, Senate Bill 345 quickens the reduction of the commonwealth’s CNI tax by immediately dropping it to 7.99% and then reducing it an additional point every January until it falls to 4.99%.

As part of the 2022-23 state budget, Pennsylvania’s CNI tax rate began the transition from 9.99% to 4.99% over the course of nine years.

“A more competitive business tax code offers far more benefits than simply improving the state’s business climate. Studies have shown that decreasing the CNI leads to better job opportunities, higher workers’ wages, and improved communities – all of which create family-sustaining jobs and attract and retain new talent,” the senators said.

To bring family-sustaining jobs to the commonwealth and grow existing Pennsylvania businesses, the second bill will gradually increase the NOL carryover limit from the current 40% to 80% over four years. Senate Bill 346, sponsored by Sens. Rothman, Aument, and Pennycuick, will bring the NOL carryover limit in line with both the federal limitation and the limitations of 48 other states.

“The current restriction hurts Pennsylvania job creators and turns away businesses that might otherwise choose to locate in our state. For Pennsylvania to compete nationally and attract new businesses, we must address this anti-growth policy,” the senators said.

Senate Bill 347, sponsored by Ward, will help the commonwealth’s small businesses by allowing them to use the NOL deduction. This accounting tool, which gives small businesses greater control over their financial positions, is already available to large corporations – creating a disparity between the two.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we need to give them the same tools and advantages that we give larger corporations. Allowing these mom-and-pop shops to use a net operating loss provision will help them to grow and succeed,” the senators said.

All three bills will be referred to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration.


CONTACT:   Stephanie Applegate (Sen. Aument)
                          Lidia Di Fiore (Sen. Pennycuick)
                          Morgan Wagner (Sen. Rothman)
                          Nathan Akers (Sen. J. Ward)

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