Legislation Targeting AI “Deepfake” Images of Minors Proposed by Pennycuick, Dillon, Boscola

HARRISBURG –Sen. Tracy Pennycuick (R-24), Sen. Jimmy Dillon (D-5) and Sen. Lisa Boscola (D-18) introduced legislation to combat “deepfake” images of minors and child porn generated by artificial intelligence (AI).
Recently, some websites have published realistic AI-generated sexual images of non-consenting adults, as well as children. The images may be artificial but are created by using data and images from real individuals and children. 

While the unauthorized dissemination of an intimate image is unlawful in Pennsylvania, the law does not specially address the usage of AI deepfake technology to create and disseminate an intimate image of a non-consenting person. 

Senate Bill 1213 would make it clear that the use of AI deepfake technology to create pornographic images of an individual without their consent is prohibited. It will also prohibit the use of deepfake technology to create child pornography. 

“AI technology comes with benefits and drawbacks, and one of its most insidious uses is to create sexual images of people who did not give their consent, along with outright child porn,” said Pennycuick, who chairs the Senate Communications and Technology Committee. “This bipartisan legislation sends the message that this depraved use of AI will not be tolerated in Pennsylvania.”

“As a parent of two teenage girls, learning about AI deepfake technology was alarming,” said Dillon. “Our legislation is crucial in protecting individuals, including children, from deepfake sexual exploitation in the form of AI generated pornographic images.”

“Unfortunately, the rapid expansion of AI technology and its potential for exploitation has outpaced current law. ‘Deepfake’ content involving non-consenting adults and children has popped up both online and in our schools, with devastating results,” Boscola said. “I’m proud our legislation empowers law enforcement to fight against this vile new trend.”

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